25. Mai 2023

System partnership

In the course of the KUKA Partner Day, we were presented with the "System Partner Certificate" with regard to the...➜ read
24. Mai 2023

Precision made by Discher Automatisierungstechnik

Whether it is a matter of precise testing technology, an assembly system for household appliances as well as...➜ read
23. Mai 2023

Assembly lines for the production of furniture fittings and functional assemblies

An important pillar in the area of our assembly technology continues to be assembly systems for the furniture...➜ read
20. Mai 2023

Assembly and gluing lines for the production of vehicle interiors (van, camper, etc.)

To achieve impact and noise damping of the vehicle interior, processed chipboard panels as well as...➜ read
19. Mai 2023

Complex production lines for the production of household appliances

In 2022, we will also be able to build on the good business relationship with our business partners in the household...➜ read
18. Mai 2023

Eco pallets for the furniture industry

Well-known furniture manufacturers have switched their production from plastic pallets to "ECO pallets" made of...➜ read
17. Mai 2023

Precise, fast and absolutely reliable

When processes have to function precisely, quickly and absolutely reliably, we are your partner. Our focus on the...➜ read
16. Mai 2023

Precision from Discher Automatisierungstechnik

This is system technology that requires maximum precision with regard to the assembly task of the component...➜ read